There are six cask ale breweries within the North Cheshire branch area all of which are listed below. If you click the links, in some cases, you will see some information on the brewery which the Branch has collated. Otherwise, the link will be to the Brewery's own website.

Sandiway Ales

... replacing Blakemere on the same site which closed in 2015, commenced brewing early 2016.

Coach House Brewery

Wharf Street, Howley, Warrington

4Ts Brewery

Unit 20, Manor Industrial Estate, Latchford, Warrington

Lymm Brewing

Lymm - under the Brewery Tap !


Stag Brewery. Steve has now progressed beyond test brews and has a portfolio of at least 5 beers, all light currently although he is brewing his first 'ruby' beer and will migrate to darker beer when the relevant malt extract is available. The process itself is traditional other than the first stage as he does not have a mash tun (no space anyway) and instead starts with malt extract supplied by Bavaria in Netherlands.

Breweries Report from Gary Chester for 2016 AGM

Last year I reported that the 8 breweries were based in the branch area. The last 12 months have seen significant change and the end result is that the number has reduced to 7 with Blue Ball likely to move to Chester later in the year:

Our only long-established brewery Thomas Hardy (Burtonwood) remains keg only and is now owned by Coors.

The first of the new wave breweries (post 1990) are starting to see some changes - mainly as a result of time and the brewers/owners getting older:

Blakemere (formerly Northern) Brewery:

...closed earlier this year with the business sold to the head brewer Mike Hill who has reopened end 2015 on the same premises as Sandiway Brewery, brewing in a 5 barrel plant and aiming primarily at local trade.

Coach House Brewery, Warrington:

... in December 2015 the brewery was bought by Martin Bailey following the decision by the 3 original owners to retire. No changes are planned to either staff or brews and Dave, Tony and Neil are staying on in a consultancy role for the time being.

Frodsham Brewery:

... unable to find a new owner, this brewery has now closed and the equipment sold to a start-up brewery in North Wales.

Lymm brewery:

... continues to brew a wide range of styles, including several dark beers, which are also commonly available at both Dunham Massey pubs as well as the Lymm brewery tap.

4T's Brewery, Latchford:

... production at the new site in Latchford is continuing well. The original 0.5BBL kit is now located here and is being used to produce Tipsy Angel beers (brewed by Aidan ex Tipsy Angel brewer). The name, Tipsy Angel, has been registered by 4Ts. Other short run products (e.g. one off specials for specific functions) are also produced on this kit.

The aforementioned Tipsy Angel Brewery that was located in the Lower Angel pub has closed and the brands transferred to 4T's.

In terms of the more recent Micros:

Blue Ball Brewery, Frodsham:

... currently still brewing at Kash 22 in Frodsham, although sister brewery Red Ball in Chester has ceased brewing. Alex, owner of Blue Ball and Red Ball breweries, is currently looking for premises in the Chester area to set up an independent site for brewing beers under both banners. The plan is to install a new 10 barrel plant plus the 5 barrel kit, currently being used at Kash 22 so that Blue and Red Ball beers can be brewed under one roof, yet remain distinctly independent. Brewing will then stop at Frodsham. Plans are ongoing and it is expected that the new brewery will be in operation later this year.

Stag, Walton:

... a new 100litre micro-brewery (0.5BBL) in the basement of the pub at test brew stage. No details as yet.

Two and Nine Brewery, Warrington

... has ceased brewing whilst the owners focus on the relocated 4Ts.